Thursday, October 30, 2003

A Revelation

6/12/02 - We received some new background information today on the Gobbler from Carol O'Neil, a member of the Johnson Creek, WI village board. As a resident of the town, she had some interesting revelations on the property's history:
The restaurant has been opened and closed many times in the years since the original restaurant closed. (I think 6 times.) As of today, no one has applied to maintain the liquor license for the facility. The hotel was burned down just before Christmas by [the Johnson Creek] fire department. There are plans for a business subdivision in that area. There is supposed to be a Baymont Hotel built on the lower part of the hill. According to a valuable and reliable source, there is no tunnel between the hotel and the restaurant but I guess Mr. Hartwig had an idea to put a tram - such as those at ski hill, between the two buildings. This never happened. The parking a park and ride built by the DOT as part of the current construction project."
Our thanks to Carol O'Neil for providing this information.

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