Thursday, October 30, 2003

"No Water For You!"

5/30/02 - On our recent Memorial Day weekend trip to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Indiana we stopped by Johnson Creek hoping to take some additional interior photos of the Gobbler restaurant (a.k.a. The "Round Stone"); unfortunately, it appears that the establishment has "bitten the dust" once more.

Driving eastbound on I-94, a large sign next to the restaurant reads, "Exit here for the NEW Gobbler!" - I'm not certain how old the sign was, but it didn't seem to be enough to stave off the eatery's recent closing.

There seems to be a newly-paved parking area adjacent to the Gobbler restaurant, which could be intended for a new building somewhere; and although the interior lights were on, a quick drive around the rear revealed several utility disconnection notices posted on the Gob's kitchen door - "no water for you!" The garbage man apparently hadn't been paid either, as the air was ripe with Eau de Olde Dumpster.

However, some unexpected treats awaited us; several food-service carts and steam trays were left outside by the trash, and one of the lavender tufted chairs (with some dings) was left out for the vultures. The chair we promptly rescued, and now graces our non-lavender living room.

Just think - nearly half a century's worth of Gobbler tushes have polished that vinyl seat!

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