Thursday, October 30, 2003

UFO? Or Restaurant??

The Gobbler Restaurant had been reopened early 2002 under the name "Round Stone Restaurant": the cuisine is best described as classic American Diner, but the interior was restored to a good measure of its former glory. We stopped by for coffee and dessert one evening on the way back from Madison. Fortuitously, when we expressed our archival curiosity to the maitre-d', we were given a brief tour of the restaurant.

Redone in a subtle late-80's jewel tone theme, the foyer sported two large circular "couches" divided crosswise into four equal seating sections to greet waiting patrons. A decorative fountain worthy of a Las Vegas Chinese eatery dominated the lobby; artificial palm trees and orange-and-fuchsia lotus blossoms frolicked with the pink plastic flamingoes ensconced there, like some bizarre Botticelli's Venus.

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