Thursday, October 30, 2003

"Sargon and His Wife": Beheaded!

Johnson Creek was practically deserted that Memorial Day Sunday (2002) - that, and the mild sunny weather emboldened us to do some spelunking in the Gobbler Motel ruins. The concrete foundation clearly shows the outlines of the round "Passion Pit" beds, with the nearby sunken hot tubs now filled with ash and debris.

At the motel entry, a square slab of concrete marks the spot where the faux fireplace stood, with rusty square holes where the Eyeball Railings once leered at guests.

Remember "Sargon and his wife"? The Gob's trusty luminous guardians of the front door have been beheaded, their headless corpses (with wires jutting out of their necks) warning trespassers away.

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