Monday, October 27, 2003

Gobbler Links

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"My mom and my dad just both liked the color pink. Some people like green, some like blue, they liked pink."

Clarence Hartwig, Jr. from Linda Godfrey's "The Gobbler Lives"

Although the motel is gone, the Gobbler Restaurant has opened and closed rather frequently; so if you're interested in paying a visit, you may wish to contact the local Chamber of Commerce to check on its operational status.

Contact them at: Johnson Creek Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 527, Johnson Creek, WI 53038. Their phone number is (920) 699-8484. You can also visit the Jefferson County Tourism website at

NEW: picked up the recent Gobbler Motel thread on FARK, and mentioned Requiem for the Gobbler Motel in their March 2005 story, "The Mystery of the Gobbler Motel."

On Friday March 12, 2005, the Madison, WI Capital Times featured an article by columnist Doug Moe, "The Gobbler was one of a kind."

James Lileks' "Grooviest Motel In Wisconsin" - One of the definitive Gobbler resources. This extensive site features a selection of images from the motel and restaurant's promotional brochure, accompanied by Lileks' deliciously twisted commentary.

Linda Godfrey has a newly-renovated page on devoted to the Gobbler, Remembering The Gobbler Supper Club: A Turkey of A Restaurant, where you'll find some very nice photos of the restaurant interior (and that four-sectioned sofa that I didn't have the presence of mind to shoot when I had the chance!).

30-second TV ad for the Gobbler Restaurant (from 1980) in Windows Media Player (.wmv) format! Listen/watch at your own risk - just try prying that insanely catchy jingle out of your brain. It's on - a kaleidoscopic blend of classic Americana, with sections devoted to CB and amateur radio, transportation, old advertisements and more.

Architect Helmut Ajango's Gobbler page - Links directly to his 'Gobbler' page, but you can navigate the entire site from this location and view images of his varied creations through the years - including over one hundred churches, and a memorial in Ajango's native Estonia. Come to think of it, the Gobbler restaurant would make a dandy church; Protestant, of course.

Mark Wedel's "Chicago to the Gobbler" - You'll find some nice images taken within the past few years, showing the Gobbler's interior and exterior during its greener (and shaggier) days - as well as other interesting stops and sights from a trip he and Jules took to the Midwest.

chez smartygirl: live - Another fun personal account of a Midwest Gobbler pilgrimage (with photos) taken prior to the motel's demolition, during the "John-John's Rib House" (pre-2001) era.

David Broudy's Big Giant Gobbler Trip from a Y2k stay; when the place was, shall we say, in the dying mode. He also has some interesting hard-to-find shots and details of the original interior decor, and the rarely seen Gobbler Restaurant downstairs dining room on his Gobbler Photo album.

The Gobbler Lives: the great icon of 70's kitsch returns to Johnson Creek by Tenaya Darlington - Tenaya writing for the online Isthmus Daily Page (Madison, WI); here she provides an aesthetic and gastronomical critique of the 2002 'Round Stone Restaurant' incarnation of the Gobbler Restaurant.