Thursday, October 30, 2003

View Underground

Something we didn't notice on our last trip in March was a small (now wrecked) miniature golf course on the northwest side of Hartwig hill next to a toppled "King Arthur's Inn" sign.

All that was left was a few very faded greenish plywood structures with muddy pieces of Astroturf™, a scaled-down railroad crossing sign and a little crushed chapel with plastic "stained glass" inserts. The toppled sign was in even worse shape - the printed plastic covering was ripped through, showing dozens of shattered fluorescent tubes inside.

Look closely at the debris on the stairs: empty chemical carboys, beer cans and cigarette butts. We're not the first ones to pay a visit! Inside we found an old white toilet, old pizza coupons and Christmas wrap; a broken shower stall door, and an old Dukane™ tube PA system, far too heavy and ungainly for even die-hard scavengers to pull up the litter-strewn steps.

NOTE: If you're planning a scavenger hunt to the old Gob, you may want to reconsider. We've been told by local residents that the motel wreckage is now under tight surveillance by the police and Sheriff's Departments. Frankly, the wreckage site is pretty dangerous - there's lots of loose footing, broken glass, sharp metal and rusty objects. Don't say we didn't warn you!